One of the foundations of The Delta Chi Fraternity is the belief that the organization should assist its members in the acquisition of a sound education. In addition to the multiple leadership development, professional networking, and mentorship opportunities the fraternity provides, the Long Beach Chapter puts a high emphasis on how its members perform academically. Our members recognize that greek life is a privilege and that scholarship is the absolute first priority while attending college.


In order to join the Long Beach Chapter, associate members must have a college GPA of 2.5 or—if they are joining their first semester of college—they must have had a 2.75 high school GPA. Additionally, the chapter is expected to maintain an average GPA of at least 2.5 to remain in good standing, which means there is a high emphasis on the chapter's collective success.

“Not only does Delta Chi provide ample opportunity for students to socialize, but the chapter also provides uniquely tailored academic and professional resources that are of great value to our members.”

Matt Lewis

Delta Chi Alumnus and Former

Chapter Faculty/Academic Advisor

Academic Resources for Delta Chi Members

To assist and encourage the academic endeavors of our membership, the chapter regularly tracks grade progress, sets up study hours, and publicly recognizes individual academic excellence. The chapter's Faculty and Academic Advisor works on the CSULB campus and serves as a dedicated resource specifically for Delta Chi brothers and associate members. For those living in -- or spending time at -- the  chapter house, free wi-fi and printing is available and quiet hours are strictly enforced Sunday - Thursday night after 10pm.


Last but not least, the chapter's Alumni Board of Trustees grants yearly cash scholarships to those members who perform at the very highest academic levels within the chapter.

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