Delta Chi History

The Delta Chi Fraternity was founded on October 13, 1890 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. There are 11 officially recognized Founders of the Fraternity and one recognized Spiritual Founder: Sir Edward Coke. 

Originally started as a law fraternity, Delta Chi voted to become a general fraternity in 1922. Today, there are over 135 chapters across the United States and Canada divided into 9 regional groups. The Long Beach Chapter is located in Region II. Since 1969, the fraternity headquarters has been located in Iowa City, Iowa. 


Delta Chi has a long and storied history and we invite you to click here to read more about the Fraternity's founding, the emblem, and the symbols on our international home page.

Local Chapter History

The Long Beach Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity was originally founded as a local fraternity named Theta Beta Pi. The brothers then wanted to join the national fraternity Beta Theta Pi, but their national headquarters demanded they have a 100 man chapter with 50 men living in the chapter house. This was very difficult to accomplish at the time, especially at a commuter campus like Long Beach. Frank Zigfield, a representative from Delta Chi headquarters, approached the chapter to guage interest in associating with Delta Chi. After much discussion amongst the members, the chapter decided on November 15, 1965 to become a Delta Chi colony. Having proved worthy, the chapter was officially chartered as a Delta Chi chapter on January 13, 1968 at Rochelle's Restaurant in Long Beach.
Celebrating 45 years!
Delta Chi HQ
25th Int. Convention
LB Press Telegram - 1985
Sir Edward Coke
The Grave of Owen Lincoln Potter
LB Delta Chi Elected Mayor

CSULB Delta Chi Local Founders

Roger J. Agajnian

Joy E. Brown, Jr.

William Kenneth Cleek

Michael J. Cruickshank

Mark E. Davis

Robert W. Elliott

Gustav Gold

Robert Greenberg

Henry P. Griggs, Jr.

Clyde M. Harwood

Gary A. Johnson

Vernon Jerry Kramer, Jr.

William D. McBrearty, Jr.

The chapter's first house was in Seal Beach at 1700 Emerald Cove Way. The second house was located at 2061 Raymond Ave. in Signal Hill. Rob Rutledge scouted out the chapter's third house, which was located at 1161 Pacific Ave in Long Beach. Ken Banks signed the mortgage.
On March 20, 1985 at approximately 3:00 am, the Pacific house caught fire and was destroyed. The only fatality was the chapter's pseudo mascot dog named QE. The fourth chapter house, which is where the chapter currently resides, was purchased in 1995. Brother Mickey Larson guaranteed the mortgage note and then vested the property to the Long Beach Chapter Alumni Association. The address is 1067 Grand Ave. Long Beach, CA 90804.
Today, the chapter maintains its coveted status as the oldest continuous fraternity on the CSULB campus having maintained good standing with the university for over 45 years. 

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