Why Join Delta Chi?

There are many benefits to joining a fraternity and the Long Beach Chapter of Delta Chi is an excellent option for those gentlemen looking to have a fun college experience, make friendships that will last a lifetime, enjoy the benefits of a robust alumni base, give back to the commuinty, and prepare for a successful and prosperous professional career.

Please see some of the frequently asked questions we get asked about joining Delta Chi below. If you or your parents have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to our chapter president or alumni advisor.


Chapter President - Alfonso Aguilar (Alfonsoaguilar1111@gmail.com)

Alumni Advisor - James Butora (james.butora@gmail.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join A Fraternity?

There are many different reasons to join a fraternity and everyone joins fraternities for different reasons. Many are looking for a sense of belonging and a lifetime of brotherhood. Sometimes folks are attracted to the large parties or the social scene. Or maybe they're looking for a chance to give back to the community through philanthropic events. Then, sometimes there are men who are interested in advancing their careers, networking with alumni or getting more involved on campus. All of these are great reasons to join a fraternity.


CSULB can be overwhelming because there are so many people and it’s hard to find a place you feel you belong. Joining a fraternity is an excellent way to narrow down the numbers and make it easier to build strong and lasting friendships and truly get that “college experience.” Whatever the reason is that you’re considering joining, it’s definitely a decision that can positively affect your college experience and professional career.

Why Delta Chi?

With over 45 years of history at CSULB, Delta Chi is the oldest fraternity continuously on campus. Our commitment to the university and the values that bind us together as brothers have seen to it that we have never been suspended or asked to leave the university. While our relationships with the community, university and other Greek organizations is strong, what really keeps our chapter together is the rock-solid bond between our brothers. Alumni frequently visit and support our chapter and share how many of their best friends throughout the years have been Delta Chi’s they met while at CSULB. That is something we continue to be proud of today.    


That brotherhood is made stronger because of our long-standing chapter culture of “work hard - play hard.” There is never a dull moment to be had, whether it’s social events, athletic events, philanthropies, or alumni events you will have something to do and someone to hang out with whenever you want. Of course, given all of this activity, we also support the academic pursuits of all of our brothers.


Additionally, Delta Chi is a very large fraternity, with over 135 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. All Delta Chi's are supportive of each other, no matter where they come from, which means that you've got a home in every city where there is a Delta Chi chapter.

What “type” of guys are you looking for and what are the requirements to join (pledge)?

There is no one "type" of person that our chapter consists of or looks for. We’re serious about that. We are jocks and nerds, leaders and partiers, businessmen and activists. We are many things, but above all else, we are brothers and we are gentlemen. Always.


In order to join the Long Beach chapter of Delta Chi you must:


  • Be a current student at CSULB enrolled in at least 6 units.

  • Have a 2.5 college GPA or a 2.75 high school GPA (if it's your first semester in college).

  • Be given a formal invitation to join Delta Chi (a bid) and accept that invitation.

  • Be able to attend a certain number of required events throughout the semester.

  • Be able to meet all financial obligations including membership dues (usually $600/semester or $400/semester if you live in the chapter house).

Will I be hazed or forced to drink?

Delta Chi has a strict and absolute anti-hazing policy which ensures that everyone has fun without the fear of being hazed. What's the catch you ask? There is none! You’ll be able to tell your parents everything without blushing. As for drinking, that is 100% your choice. You will never be forced or peer pressured to eat or drink anything.

What sorts of things do you guys do? Will it affect my studies?

We have a complete schedule planned for each semester, consisting of a number of parties, several philanthropic/community service events, as well as a bunch of activities designed to strengthen our brotherhood such as camping, group sports and road trips. We also have a lot of guys that do a lot of spur-of-the-moment things, such as getting a bunch of people together to go to festivals, concerts, or to visit other Delta Chi chapters in the region.


Our chapter allows each individual member to be as active in the fraternity as they want. The only requirement is to attend weekly chapter meetings and handful of events each semester. For associate members (pledges), there are additional requirements, however, they are similar to those of active members. With that being said, we encourage members to attend as many events as they’re able to.


As for school, we firmly believe that studies come before anything in Delta Chi. The overall Greek GPA is higher than that of the university GPA, and we ask that our member’s GPA be higher than that. You will find that members in our chapter are determined to assist each other both in and outside of the classroom. Studies show that people who have a well-rounded academic and social life-style, typically do better than those people who study all of the time. We guarantee that Delta Chi will enrich, not hinder your life.

Does the Long Beach Chapter of Delta Chi have a house?

Yes, the Delta Chi house is considered one of the best fraternity houses in Long Beach. The property is an 8-apartment building owned by a third party. Each apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a balcony, and a full kitchen. They come with air conditioning, free wireless internet and free satellite television. There is also a large chapter room used for events, playing pool, ping pong, working out and studying. Furthermore, rent is kept at below-market rates as a perk for brothers.

Why The "Myths" Of Fraternities Don't Apply To Us...

"Fraternities are based on alcohol and parties. Many fraternity members are alcholics."

As a progressive fraternity, Delta Chi prides itself on the ability to have fun with or without alcohol. Delta Chi allows you to exercise your personal freedom whether to drink or not, without pressure to conform.


"Fraternity members are underachievers. They care about partying, women, and little else."

The average GPA for all fraternity men is higher than the average GPA of a college male. At Delta Chi, your education comes first above all chapter functions.


"Fraternity members are rich, elitist snobs."  

Delta Chi is proud of the varied and diverse backgrounds from which it draws its members. Delta Chi is not expensive. In fact, it costs far less to live at Delta Chi than it does to live in any of the dorms.


"The Greek system doesn't appeal to me. I'm just not a frat guy."  

Surprise! The members of Delta Chi are just like you. In fact, many members of the house spoke those exact words when the first came to CSULB. After one visit to the house, they found out why Delta Chi is not your typical fraternity.


"Fraternities are behind the time. They are outdated and no-longer necessary."  

Being a progressive fraternity, Delta Chi changes to meet the times. Being in a fraternity is a fun and exciting way to go through college. It allows its members to truly make the best of their college years.

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